Privacy Policy

At the Assistup Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Assistup", "we" or "our"), we take care to follow all regulations and gain society's trust by maintaining high moral standards and by engaging in fair business practices. Therefore, regarding the acquisition, usage, or handling of personal information of customers, Assistup will comply with not only the guidelines relating to personal information protection set forth by the government agencies or industry associations but also the laws and regulations relating to personal information protection.

In order to gain our customers' trust, we at the Assistup cooperate with the distributors, industry associations, and administrative agencies relating to the businesses managed by group companies, and actively strive to protect our customers' personal information.

By having a system that effectively protects our customers' personal information, our goal as a group is to protect our services, our customers, and our partners (employees) and create smiles and inspire everyone involved as we continue to grow.

Assistup recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the operation of its Internet Infrastructure and Online Advertising and Media, Internet Securities and Mobile Entertainment businesses and the entire company adheres strictly to the following Privacy Policy.

We also cooperate with distributors, industry organizations and government agencies related to its Internet Infrastructure business Online Advertising & Media, Internet Securities and Mobile Entertainment businesses and seek to gain customer trust by taking an aggressive approach to protect personal information.

Assistup complies with laws and ordinances of Japan, including the Act on the Protection of Personal information, provisions of telecommunications business law relating to privacy of communications (hereafter "the laws"), the Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information in the Telecommunications Business Field (hereafter "the guidelines"), and our own internal regulations. The following Privacy Policy was implemented with the objective of ensuring that personal information handled in the course of business operations is appropriately managed and protected, and to operate and improve a personal information protection system that is trusted by stakeholders including customers, vendors and stockholders (hereafter "stakeholders" or "you") as well as directors and staff of Assistup (hereafter "employees").

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In the acquisition, usage and all other handling of stakeholder personal information, Assistup complies with the laws, the guidelines and this Privacy Policy.

Declaration of Specific Usage Purposes

Assistup determines and declares in advance the purpose of use of personal information obtained, to the extent possible. When personal data is obtained directly as a result of details provided by a stakeholder in a contract or other documents, the purpose of use shall be explicitly stated in advance. Please refer to the following usage purposes of each service provider.

Use within the Scope of Usage Purposes

Assistup uses stakeholder personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve previously determined and declared usage purposes. However, we may use stakeholder personal information outside the scope of usage purposes where provided for in Article 6, paragraph 3 of the guidelines.

Period of Retention

Except where otherwise prescribed by law, Assistup determines the length of time it is necessary to retain stakeholder personal information to achieve the objectives of pre-disclosed usage purposes. At the expiry of this period or when the objectives of the usage purposes are achieved, stakeholder personal information is promptly destroyed. However this limitation does not apply in cases specified in Article 10, paragraph 2 of "the guidelines".

Secure Information Management

Assistup strives to maintain current and accurate records of stakeholder personal information, and take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure secure management in order to safeguard against unauthorized access, falsification and damage.

Provision of Information to Third Parties

Assistup will not disclose stakeholder personal information to third parties without consent, except where provided for under Article 15, paragraph 1 of the guidelines or where otherwise allowed by law.

Requests for Disclosure etc.

Stakeholders wishing to be informed of the usage purposes of personal information, or who seek disclosure, correction, addition or removal of details, or who wish to prevent Assistup or a third party using personal information should apply in accordance with our procedures. Please refer below to the procedures for requesting disclosure of personal information.

Management of Claims

Assistup deals promptly and appropriately with claims and other inquiries from stakeholders regarding the handling of personal information. Please find contact details at the end of this document.

Handling of Leakages

In occurrences such as the leakage of personal information, relevant facts will be promptly provided to stakeholders. and the leakage will be quickly and appropriately handled.

Ongoing Improvement

Assistup strives to continually improve internal handling of personal information through the improvement of internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information and through continued employee training and internal auditing.

Dec 15, 2018
Katsuhiko AOKI
Assistup Co., Ltd.