About Us

Assistup Co., Ltd. provides services from the customer's perspective and solves problems more quickly and smoothly than our competitors. We strive to continue growing with our customers.

Many companies are paying greater attention to the online marketplace, considering the Internet as an essential part of their business, and starting to actively incorporate it into their plans. In order to provide an ideal web environment, we continually improve our services through meticulous trial and error every day, providing specialist care necessary for e-business development. We aim to be a top provider in this industry, providing our customers with unrivaled service, quality, price and added value.

Our web hosting service is an affordable shared server plan designed for those who upload a large number of large files, such as images and music, and those who operate popular high-traffic sites. We offer a wide range of services, up to dedicated server plans. (Includes services only available in Japan.)

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Have a thorough service mentality and always consider the customer’s perspective
  2. Contribute to regional and social development through global business development
  3. Heighten social trust through fair and transparent business activities
  4. Constantly innovate technology to provide customers with the best solutions
  5. Build a strong management base with an emphasis on efficiency and speed
  6. Create a rewarding workplace that respects the individuality of each employee

About the Company

Company name

Assistup Co., Ltd.


April 8, 1998


Postal Code: 541-0056
3-6-8 Midosuji Daiwa Building 8F, Kutaro-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone: 06-6121-7523 (Representative) / Fax: 06-6121-7525

Main Clients
  • JCB Co., Ltd. (Japan Credit Bureau)
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Electric Business System
  • NSS Co., Ltd.
  • Recruit Co., Ltd.
  • Softbank IDC
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd.

(Alphabetical order)


* We primarily do business across Japan. Services that are not provided overseas are included.

Corporate network / system construction
  • Intranet assembly
  • VPN assembly
  • Various server constructions (WEB, mail, DNS, DB, etc.)
  • Database development
ASP development

Deployment of ASP services for various shops and companies

  • Booking systems
  • Questionnaire collection
  • Shopping carts
  • Support business management systems, etc.
Website planning, design, coding

Website construction planning / production / operation
E-learning related business planning / development / production
Streaming content planning / production / management / pamphlet creation

Various design productions in the IT field

Web application programming

We design and develop ASPs related to the development of various contents such as interactive game websites.

  • Website search systems
  • Web-based groupware systems
  • Ranking vote systems
  • Internet mail magazine distribution systems
  • XML applications, etc.

As we do network construction, we also support VPN introductions.

  • In-house mail can be received from business trip destinations / business / anywhere on a mobile PC
  • Connect to the head office server using ADSL or B FLETS, etc.
  • You can work at home, anytime, for your company
  • Multiple branches and headquarters can be connected
  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol connection (PPTP) on Windows